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Concrete Resurface Tampa, FL Concrete resurfacing is becoming a popular option among property owners and remodeling contractors. And here at Impressions Decorative Concrete Inc., we also prefer this method because of the many benefits it offers. For one, it is a cost-effective method compared with traditional concrete repair, which may involve complete removal of the structure. Based on national average cost, a small concrete resurface project may just require property owners to shell out $3 per square foot. The cost may go higher depending on the kind of materials used on the project and the specific decorative technique that clients prefer. There are some resurfacing materials that are easy to apply but still offer optimum surface protection. New resurfacing materials can transform old concrete floors into new and elegant surfaces. There are even DIY products for those who want to save on labor cost and professional fees. Aside from lower installation cost, resurfacing will improve the functionality and beauty of any concrete surface.

If you're aiming to improve the look and function of any existing concrete feature in your property, you need to hire well-experienced professionals like us at Impressions Decorative Concrete Inc. We have decades of experience in the industry, and restoring concrete structures is just one of our specialties. Please contact us today and let us discuss with you how we make old and dull concrete surfaces become focal spots in your home or commercial property.

Guaranteed Low-cost Concrete Resurface

Our company is known in Florida as a reliable and well-experienced concrete contractor. We are easily the choice of many clients because of our versatility, extensive experience in the industry, and knowledge of various concrete repair techniques. Clients enjoy the low-rates that we charge for projects involving concrete resurface. Remember that the cost of resurfacing an old concrete surface depends on your chosen material and technique. At Impressions Decorative Concrete Inc., we consider the existing condition of the concrete structure, the size of the project, and the necessary preparations. We can perform basic concrete resurface or opt for more complex methods such as decorative overlay and concrete stamping. Overlays and stamping are excellent options if you want to achieve elegant-looking concrete amenities.

The concrete features that we can resurface include but are not limited to the following:

  • Concrete Patios. Resurfacing is your best solution if you want to extend the lifespan of your concrete patio or increase its value. Visible cracks and other imperfections will mar the beauty of this outdoor living space. The good thing is that we can make it an elegant space again by resurfacing the concrete slab. We may use overlays or stamping techniques, depending on the preferred design of our clients.

  • Driveways. Uneven surface and small cracks on concrete driveways are common problems of property owners. If you also have this kind of driveway, it's time to improve its look and condition. We typically recommend the use of overlays and stamping since these methods will make your driveway more appealing. We can even use specific designs to highlight the beauty of the driveway area.

  • Pool decks. The best way to improve safety in the pool deck area is to resurface concrete slabs and flooring. A concrete deck should not only look clean but also add to the overall appeal of the pool area. If you feel that the deck area doesn't have these qualities, a concrete resurface project is highly recommended. Our people know the best design option and the most appropriate resurfacing material for your pool deck area.

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