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Walls, Falls, Fountains

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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, Fountains
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Walls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, FountainsWalls, Falls, Fountains

Suddenly, fountains, falls, and water walls have now become staple decorative elements both indoors and outdoors. Why not? No one can ever resist the powerful, mystical, and relaxing effect of the flowing water. Everyone is seemed attracted to areas where these water features are located. Your Florida home should have the same attractive feature. But what water feature, exactly?


Water walls, also called simply as "walls," are water features that are typically installed against the wall. They sometimes become the wall itself. Compared to other water features, water walls are among the newest.

The water wall is literally a flat platform that mimics a wall. This can be made from different materials like natural stones and metals. But glass seems like the favorite choice. The water runs from the top and down this wall.

It's a great choice for homes or offices with very limited space and need to have an elegant focal point. Homes can have any water wall design but offices are best to have walls with their logos on them. If you're planning to display a painting on a blank wall, better consider a water wall instead.


Water walls are literally manmade falls. But to differentiate walls from falls, walls are usually a flat platform that looks more like a wall. A fall, on the other hand, mimics the look of natural waterfalls. That's why they are made out of stones in different sizes and typically lands to another water feature, usually a pond or pool.

The best thing about falls is that they can be engineered to have that relaxing natural waterfall sounds. The sound of water is music in itself. Having it in your backyard will surely add a good aura to the place. And if you believe in Feng Shui, you will be more excited to add a fall in your home because this Chinese philosophy believes that the presence of water balances energy forces in the area. Even if you're not a believer, you surely can feel the harmony with nature by simply having a water fall.


Thousands of years ago, fountains were created by man to hold drinking water. This explains the "Fountain of Youth." This earliest fountain known to man is far from the decorative fountain that we all know today. In our modern time, fountains are obviously the most popular water feature at home, offices, and especially parks. The idea to use fountains for dramatic effect rooted from Greeks and Romans. And now, they are everywhere - from the world famous parks to the most private office desks.

The idea is simple. The water has to continuously flow and fall to a basin. Not always a basin, though. Sometimes, the water falls on a flat ground or a ground full of decorative stones. This design is called the pondless fountain and is ideal for areas that need child - and pet-proofing.

Whatever type of water feature you want - be it a water wall, a waterfall, or a fountain - Impressions Decorative Concrete Inc. will help you make the best first impression that will surely last. We service several areas in Florida and nearby states. Browse through our portfolio and be mesmerized of our creations. Give us a call today and let's talk about building your dream wall, fall, or fountain.
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