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3D Speckle System

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3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System3D Speckle System
3D Speckle System
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3D Speckle System
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Concrete has now become an increasingly popular material used in indoor and outdoor flooring applications. Its transition from being a dull and boring, ‘industrial’ looking material to ones that’s considered to be modernistic, creative and chic has been nothing less than amazing.

And there is new technology and techniques being launched with regularity which allows skilled designers and contractors to take this material and its impact to the next level. Aside from staining, stamping, and coloring, the 3D - Speckle System is one of the best ways to spruceup the appearance of your landscape and adds some glamour to it.

Skilled Concreting Contractors

When you want top quality 3D- Speckle Systems for concrete, Impressions Decorative Concrete LLC. is the company to come to. We cater to a large number of commercial and residential clients across Tampa. With over 27 years of experience in the field, we are a force to reckon with and have customers in and around Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and Odessa.

Our stunning concrete coating effects adorn the outdoor spaces of properties in New Tampa, Zephyrhills, and Trinity. It’s been a matter of pride for us to serve clients in New Port Richey, Lutz and the surrounding areas as well. This system is a great way to add sparkle and drama to the outdoor spaces of your property. In this technique, we add a grit concrete component to the regular concrete before it’s installed.

This gives the surface a three-dimensional effect and adds to its beauty and charm. Aside from this, the slight roughness that it provides, offers better traction as well. The aggregates are available in different colors and we are able to create stunning outdoor spaces on your property. These 3D concrete finishes are suitable for all outdoor areas such as porches, patios, decks, poolscapes, entryways and more.

3D - Speckle System - The Benefits

We cater to a large number of commercial clients and the 3D- Speckle System is suitable for heavy use floors as well, making it an ideal surface of for stores, schools, museums, shopping centers and more. It can also be installed on ramps, steps, driveways, and walkways as required. There are a number of different benefits to using this particular decorative concrete effect such as:

  • Visual Impact - One of the most significant advantages of this particular concrete surface is the visual impact it creates. In addition to the stunning appearance, it can also visually solve a number of problems with regards to the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. When you opt for this coating, it makes the surfaces seem visually bigger.

  • Strong and Durable - This surface is not only stunning but very strong as well. It is resistant to chlorine, beaches, daily cleaners, and acid as well. Not only do these work beautifully for residential properties but are suitable for commercial and industrial ones as well. When installed by experts like us, this flooring can last for a number of years with very minimal maintenance.

We at Impressions Decorative Concrete LLC. are a leading company in the concrete installations field. For top quality solutions at very reasonable 3D - Speckle System cost, feel free to call us at 813-949-6921. You can also contact us through this Online Form and we will respond quickly. For a free consultation and estimate, please fill out this form.

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