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Concrete Overlays Land O’ Lakes, FL We can make your old flooring look like new again with our exciting concrete overlays. We have helped numerous residents in Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, Temple Terrace, Town ‘N’ Country, and other Florida areas with their concrete concerns, and we can surely do the same for you.

If you want to be sure that you’ll enjoy great-looking concrete surfaces that are also very durable, then please don’t think twice about hiring us. We promise to make your troubled concrete surfaces look their best with the right concrete overlays.

Concrete Overlays Are Excellent Surface Materials

There are a lot of property owners in Land O’ Lakes and nearby FL areas who are discovering the great benefits of concrete overlays. These decorative materials are becoming highly preferred by homeowners and contractors due to their great characteristics. Their popularity can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • Economical. Instead of going for expensive materials such as natural stones, why not consider this low-cost option for flooring improvement? When compared side by side with high-priced materials, overlays are the clear winners.

  • Attractive. Many of our first-time clients were pleasantly surprised to know that concrete overlays can mimic pricey flooring materials. With some 18 available patterns, it’s easy to find the right design that will best complement your interior or exterior theme. And if you can’t decide which pattern or design is ideal for your property, we’ll be happy to pick for you.

  • Great for restoration. Overlays are the materials of choice for contractors who are tasked with restoring the old beauty of concrete surfaces. With our overlays, we can make your dull or cracked driveway, deck, or walkway look like new again.

  • Easy to apply. We can cover large areas and complete overlaying projects in as fast as one day. The beauty of overlays is that they can be easily applied to existing concrete surfaces with commendable results.

Our Systematic Process

Concrete Overlays Land O’ Lakes, FL Whenever we handle application of concrete overlays, we always carefully assess the state of the flooring to determine areas where there are cracks. Once we’ve ascertained the condition of the entire work area, we ensure proper preparation of the area, as well as the overlays to be used. Our crews then expertly apply the overlays to the concrete surfaces with the finish that client’s desire.

Great Design Options

At Impressions Decorative Concrete, Inc. we have a wide range of design options for concrete overlays. Our different stamping designs can make ordinary concrete look like expensive flooring material. Take your pick from any of these concrete overlay stamping options:

  • Wood plank
  • Brick
  • Small herringbone
  • Cobblestone
  • Basket weave brick
  • English ashlar
  • York fan
  • Old granite texture
  • And many others

Outstanding Installation of Concrete Overlays

We ensure long-lasting and stunning concrete overlays by following time-tested methods and techniques. We also send our expert crews and use appropriate tools when working on overlay projects. You are assured of newly restored floors that are UV resistant, non-porous, and highly decorative. We’d be pleased to show you samples of our completed projects to give you an idea of our expertise.

As versatile workers, we can work on indoor and outdoor projects for residential and commercial properties across the state, particularly in Land O’ Lakes, FL. Just contact us soon at (813) 949-6921 so we can talk about your project requirements.

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