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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & Maintenance
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Pavers & MaintenancePavers & MaintenancePavers & MaintenancePavers & Maintenance

Comparing Stamped Concrete to Other Paving Materials

The value of stamped concrete becomes obvious in its performance, longevity and aesthetics when compared to other materials used to cover outdoor surfaces. No other material can maximize its value when comparing cost and design versatility. Here, we compare stamped concrete with other common alternatives for surfaces.

  Asphalt Natural Stone Precast Pavers Stamped Concrete & Other Decorative Design Systems
Design Versatility:
Countless color combinations, hundreds of patterns
No No Yes Unlimited
Ability to Customize:
Imprint logos, crests, monograms, or other personalization
No No No Yes
Longevity and Performance:
Ability to withstand harsh seasonal weather.
Poor Good
Same as Pavers
Individual Stones
Porous even sealed
Solid Foundation
Sealer Render the Surface Non Porous. Protects/Sealed
Speed of Installation
It takes 5 days to install a 2,000-square-foot stamped concrete driveway as. 10-12 days for natural stone or pavers*
Fast Slow
Same as Pavers
Individual Stones
Solid Foundation
Long Term Maintenance Issues
All paving materials require removal of dirt and stains
Annual seal coating Same long term maintenance as Pavers.
Removal of weeds and moss in joints with sand required
Removal of Weeds and Moss in joints. Ants moving in. Stains unable to remove, examples; Algae, Pet Urine, Harsh Water, Oil. Sand replacement. Brick Replacement due to cracks/cracking if still in stock. Fading & Discoloration within 3-4 yrs. Sinking & Shifting. Low PSI pressure washing or water hose as needed.
Resealing every
4-10 DIY

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